" I was really impressed by Jaran's ability to tune in to our music and way of working, while adding his good spirit and stamina. Also being a skilled musician, his understanding and input was very valuable in the recording process"

Magnus Børmark (22, Gåte)

When I was 6 a piano arrived in our living room. From that point on I was all about music. After ten years of playing classical piano I became fascinated by jazz, rock and pop. This made me begin to play bass guitar. Fast forward, this led me on to take a masters degree in popular music performance by the faculty of fine arts at the University of Agder, where I found my passion for sound engineering and music production. 
As both a musician and sound engineer I´m fascinated by the sonic signatures of both acoustic and electronic instruments, and how they are percieved when one blends them together, forming some kind of hybrid that neither belongs in the natural or the synthetic world of sound. 

As a producer I´m passionate about the excitement music brings, both as a listener and a maker of music. To me the process of experimentation, both technically in the recording process, but also in the instrumentation of a song, the harmonic content of a piece of music or the texture of some specific sound. That is where you find musical distinctiveness that can define your music as something new and special. 

"...That is where you find musical distinctiveness that can define your music as something new and special."

– Jaran Gustavson


Whether I’m producing or mixing, or offering suggestions on songwriting and arranging I can help you make great sounding music. 

Listen to some of my work.

For a price quote or if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

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