"I am very happy with Emil's services. He has elevated the quality of our podcast considerably. Emil is friendly, efficient and attentive - and always fixed on making our product even better. I give Emil my highest recommendation."

Tor Åge Eikerapen

Having two vocal teachers as parents, music was a big part of my life from an early age. I played violin for several years before moving on to guitar and discovering the magic of playing in bands. Soon after I got into audio engineering. I started recording my own music and would spend long hours diving into all aspects of music production. This led me to a bachelor’s degree in music technology and later to Cederberg Studios. Here I work as an audio engineer, doing recording, editing and postproduction. Also, I am Christer-André Cederberg’s mixing assistant.

In my job I always do my best to make sure that the customers and my colleagues feel seen and well taken care of, and I take a lot of pride in making the customers satisfied with the end result.

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