Produced and mixed Tristania’s 7th album, “Darkest White”.

“Something must also be said about the phenomenal production on this album, thanks to the masterful work of Christer André Cederberg, former guitarist for the now-defunct Animal Alpha. On the production front, this is easily the best-sounding Tristania album to date, which contributes greatly to the overall enjoyment of the album, and his touch, according to the studio-diaries by Anders, helped the band capture the dark brutality that they were going for on this record.”


“Another asset of this album is the production, which really seems to be serving the music (and not the other way round). It’s not too polished and yet it gives space to the songs’ numerous subtleties. Credit here goes to Christer André Cederberg, who started his career as a musician with Norwegian avant garde metal band In The Woods…, which happens to be a band I have a huge admiration for. As a producer, Christer recently worked on Anathema’s superb “Weather Systems” and, truth be told, it’s easy to draw parallels between that album and “Darkest White” although the latter is much heavier.”

Power Of Metal.DK

“The excellent production values and strong engineering allow the many subtleties and great depths of the music to flow without seeming forced or unnatural.”

Hardrock Haven

“Recorded throughout Norway, it was producer Christer André Cederberg’s goal to “dig out the potential of each band member”. This is likely the reason that Darkest White has quickly been recognized as the most musically interesting record in the band’s seven album catalogue.”

Metal Forces Magazine

“..Production and mix, courtesy of Christer André Cederberg (Anathema, Circus Maximus) is fantastic…”


“The Norwegian Gothic Metal pioneers revolving around charismatic front lady Mariangela Demurtars have the gift to combine heavy tunes with emotional finesse. This combination was brought to perfection on “Darkest White”, which was produced by Christer André Cederberg (e.g. Anathema). He has certainly given the album a new level of depth and brilliance. The album is filled with numerous details, diverse arrangements, a great atmosphere, beautiful melodies and just the right amount of heaviness.”

Heavy Metal Artwork

Reviews so far:

5/6 Stavanger Aftenblad
5/6 Fædrelandsvennen
5/6 Metallian Magazine
5/5 Stormbringer
9/10 The Ringmaster
XXL/XXL (top score)
90/100 Rock Tribune
9.5/10 Sonic Cathedral
9/10 Metal Storm
90/100 Infernal Masquerade
90/100 Power of Metal
9/10 La Grosse Radio
87/100 Pandemonium
85/100 Femme Metal webzine
80/100 Metal Revolution (Release of the month, “highly recommended”)
80/100 Rock Hard
80/100 Aardschok
8/10 Metal Divas

Everybody delivered great results on this one and we managed to expand the sound of the band, particularly the character of the vocals. It was nice being able to work with 4 vocalists, each of them with their own strengths.We went for an organic, dynamic sound that leans towards a powerful live-sounding rock band, rather than a pure metal expression.

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