New single release from Thelma & Clyde

“Arguably the most well-compiled set of the festival”
Q Magazine (UK) on Thelma & Clydes by:Larm premiere 2011

“But mostly it’s the nuanced voice of Hanne Kolstø, who has the rare quality that I actually believe in what she says, even though I should know better.” Tommy Olsson in the most influential weekly, Morgenbladet

In short: Q Magazine (UK) loves them, so does Rolling Stone Magazine and selected radio stations in Germany.

New single, “Back 2 Black”,  out now. Mixed by me. Have a listen in the “references” section.

Thelma and Clyde are an electronic art pop duo who wrap up pop-beats in an electronic universe, layering dreamy, melancholic melodies with dancey beats. They borrow from the trip-hop of the 90′s, but set themselves apart thanks to Hanne Kolstø’s mysterious underground vocal style, and colleague Trygve Tambs-Lyche’s clever composition of beats. Thelma and Clyde are well known for their eccentric live shows  using costumes and several visual effects for making the atmosphere right for their dark pop melodies.
The first album White Line was released in November 2010 and was given brilliant critics. Thelma & Clyde have toured festivals like Hove, Insomnia, NuMusic and by:larm, and are also frequently in Germany where their album was given standing applaud.

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