New single from Petter Carlsen-Time To Let Go

Produced and mixed Petter Carlsen’s “Time To Let Go”.

Petter had some great musicians with him on this one. Unni Wilhelmsen (vocals), Wetle Holte (drums/percussion), Bernt Moen  (keys) and Ensemble Noor (strings).

We are currently working on Petter’s third album.

I’ve been lucky enough to produce his other two albums, “You Go Bird” and “Clock’s Don’t Count” and I really look forward to making a new one, which I am sure will be just as good, if not better than the previous albums. Stay tuned for updates.

”once I heard Petter Carlsen’s incredible voice and beautiful songwriting, as well as his warm personality, I always felt that he would be connected to and part of the inner circle of Anathema for a long time to come. Quite apart from being a great
friend, he is the most talented musician I have ever met in my life.”

Danny Cavanagh (Anathema)

Here’s Petter’s webpage:

Check out the song in the “references” section.

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