Mixed Fender Heist and Fröder’s “Fighter”

“Norwegian pop duo Fender Heist came out of nowhere autumn 2012 with their single “Chino” which received massive national airplay throughout the winter. Hiding behind the aliases Fender A and Fender C, the two self proclaimed former juvenile criminals got tempted by the unexpected success and decided to continue their adventure into the music industry.

As the two Fenders realized they were at best mediocre singers, they started to look for some fresh talent. When they stumbled upon a MySpace clip (yes, myspace still exists, believe it or not) of the extremely talented Norwegian vocalist and songwriter Katrin Fröder, they quickly got on the phone and asked her to come down to Oslo to work with them.
Sharing the two Fenders’ compassion for the marine lifestyle, a boat was acquired (somehow) and the three went out on a crazy venture of songwriting, sailing through the winter storms of the north atlantic and some good old fashioned whale hunting.

Back on the dry land they recorded the song “Fighter”, a dark, hard hitting pop song dominated by a distorted bass riff and the trembling voice of Fröder, pushed forward by bouncing drums; a track that fits as well on the dance floor as in a dark apartment in the late hours of the night. “

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