Producing and mixing British cult band, Anathema

Anathema’s Weather Systems is the follow-up to the band’s hugely successful We’re Here Because We’re Here.

Produced and mixed by Christer-Andre Cederberg (Animal Alpha, In the Woods…) and featuring Lee Douglas in a more prominent role, Danny Cavanagh has said of the new release, “It feels like we’re at a creative peak right now, and this album reflects that. Everything from the production to the writing to the performances are a step up from our previous work.”

“Christer has a very even temperament. He never gets stressed out, he never gets angry. He works hard, long hours; sometimes we were doing something like 16 or 20 hours per day in the studio. We were working hard. And he never stops, so while he was there, I felt I had to work hard too. It was good, we got the best results we’ve ever had.”

“This is our guy. He’s our George Martin, our Nigel Godrich. The Beatles had George Martin, Radiohead had Nigel Godrich, and we’ve got Christer Cederberg. That’s the way it’s gonna stay, as far as I’m concerned.”

-Vincent Cavanagh

This is a special project for me as I was listening a lot to this band when I first started out as a guitarist in the nineties. Fun fact is that it turns out that these guys actually listened to one of my bands at the same time. The circle is now complete!

This forthcoming album is the ninth album in the bands career. They sell out shows all over the world and have an ever growing fan base. They are great people and they’re extremely passionate about their music. Be sure to check these guys out!

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Reviews so far:

“Is it another masterpiece? Of course it is.”

5/5- Album of the month- Terrorizer

“Production wise, this album is a marvel to behold.”


“The production of the album is fantastic. Everything sounds warm, lush, and very organic. The mix is also fantastic, with instruments panned neatly and vocal harmonies precisely measured.”Weather Systems is not just a contender for Album of the Year, it’s a contender for Album of my Life.

BD Music

“Weather Systems showcases Anathema stepping things up with the addition of acclaimed Norwegian producer Christer-Andre Cederberg, and a vision to exceed the high bar set by WHBWH. From the opening double header of ‘Untouchable Pt. 1 and 2’ it is evident that the textured and lush production serves to benefit the epic arrangements, the movement from folk-like acoustic finger-picking to sweeping orchestrations is effortless with ‘The Gathering of the Clouds’ being one glorious example – just check out that spine-tingling crescendo.”

“Awesome! A really skin deep music with bombstic and emotional churning up moments, not nearly cheesy. The consequently sequel to “We’re here because we’re here”. The progressive Rock drawing nearer to the Retro Rock this time. One thing a know by now: I will listen to this CD for a long time. Great, great, great! A bombastic deep going melodic sound! ”

“Christer-André Cederberg gives ANATHEMA their greatest production job yet…”

“The instrumentation benefits the most from the production quality, with many subtleties in the mix that won’t get noticed by the average earphone or computer speaker set. Although ANATHEMA have all but absolved themselves of their metal leanings at this point, the music is far from mellow, often with many things going on at once. Somehow though, ANATHEMA never demand anything of the listener, and no matter how lush the string section or vocal harmonies get, ‘Weather Systems’ remains an album that instantly lets the listener fly.”

Prog Sphere

“The quality of sound achieved on this album is huge and gives the listener excellent imagery while listening.”

Peter Schmitt – Frankfurter Neue Presse/ Eclipsed – 5/5:

“…a fantastic, timeless album tattooing a permantent smile on the lips and setting the heart on fire. “Weather Systems” is great yearning.”

Gunnar Sauermann – Metal Hammer/Zillo:

“Absolutely top, mature, perfected and nevertheless thrilling!”

Frank Lechtenberg – Freelancer for HiFi Stars magazine, Byte FM, NDR Info:

“… me as a fan I find the CD awesome, as far as I can judge this from a first listening…the last Anathema record have been album of the month in Zillo magazine and I think the new CD is similar. Not only for Metal and Gothic fans”

Sascha Blach – Zillo:

“…a really great new Anathema masterpiece…”Weather Systems” is truly high class…”

Legacy 13/15 Punkte:

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