Co-produced and mixed Petter Carlsen’s “Sirens”

Norway’s Petter Carlsen returns with his latest album Sirens released via Function Records in Europe and his own Friskt Pust Records in Norway. This new album reveals a slight change of course, containing more rhythmical and electronic elements but it’s the strength of Petter’s voice that captivates the listener.

Opening with track ‘You Could Be The One’, Petter channels a sound similar to his Scandinavian brethren Mew but there’s a beautiful melancholic edge to his voice, which elevates Petter’s sound beyond his peers. Even Steve Wilson of Porcupine Tree is a fan, calling it ‘a classic’. ‘Never Leave Me’ is enchanting and dreamlike not unlike Sigur Rós but as the album progresses Petter reveals more hidden depths on tracks like ‘Wings’, where he creates lush, cinematic soundscapes as each track on the album is centred around the theme of love.

From Alta, far up north in Norway, Petter Carlsen continues to make his beautifully personal and atmospheric music, reflecting the cold, dark and wild surroundings of the north. His debut album ‘You Go Bird’ was released in 2009, with his second – ‘Clocks Don’t Count’ – following in 2011.

His third offering, Sirens, was produced by Wetle Holte (Eivind Aarset, Anja Garbarek, Wibutee) and mixed and co-produced by Christer A. Cederberg (Anathema)

Beautifully atmospheric, his music has been identified by progressive British rock outfit Anathema as something very special. Indeed, singer / guitarist Daniel Cavanagh states that ”once I heard Petter Carlsen’s incredible voice and beautiful songwriting, as well as his warm personality, I always felt that he would be connected to and part of the inner circle of Anathema for a long time to come. Quite apart from being a great friend, he is the most talented musician I have ever met in my life.” Quite an accolade for Mr. Carlsen.

Check out the new single “Tiger” here:

“One of the most outstanding songwriting talents from Scandinavia.” –Piranha

“A highlight is ´Tiger´, made from a faltering hip-hop beat and a dark chord change: as if Radiohead, Sigur Ros and Neil Finn have written a song.” Score: (3,5/5) – German Rolling Stone

“´Sirens´ is an album like a heady but quiet experience of nature.”
8/10  –

“A really great and diverting album, which comes up with a lot of little worth hearing details….of course mostly because of Carlsen´s golden voice.” –

“´Sirens´ is an example for well done indie-pop…()…proving that PETTER CARLSEN is a huge talent.”

7,5/10 – Slam Magazine

“Beautiful songs with a lot of melancholy can be found on ´Sirens´. A very recommended album.” – Musikzirkus

“A CD made to get lost in it!” –Sonic Seducer 

“Carlsen released his best album so far, which will bring him far beyond the borders of Skandinavia.” –2 meter sessies (netherlands) 

“The Norwegian guy has once again done a record….that pulls you into another universe with his ever growing, changing atmosphere.” – 

“The songs on ’Sirens’ live from floating sounds, atmospheric synthies and great arrangements. On top of that you get experimental guitars and this high, crystal-clear voice. Everything together carries the atmosphere north of the polar circle in a unique way.”

score: 5/5 – Guitar Acoustic

“Melancholy from the north, once more enacted in a thrilling way – even though PETTER CARLSEN´s dream pop could be created also in sunny California. But “Sirens” is more than the genre tyoical dreamy soundscapes:
CARLSEN goes deeper and let the listener drown in purple clouds of great melodies like a slipstream.” – Volume, Austria

«He get´s better with every album and will probably keep on doing so.»

7,5/10 – ECLIPSED

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